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Beijing Tong Ma Abrasives Co.,Ltd

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Beijing Tong Ma abrasives company Limited is an abrasives manufacturing, professional processing company. For the abrasives production, supply, the use of a strong professional knowledge.Abrasives corundum ( A: 20-900mm diameter ), white fused alumina ( WA ), green silicon carbide ( GC ), chrome corundum ( PA ) material of the grinding wheel, Whetstone, grinding all kinds of special-shaped wheel.Abrasive series is widely used for grinding plane, the circular grinding, cylindrical grinding, no grinding, tool grinding, crankshaft grinding, thread grinding, gear grinding, double face grinding, snagging, such as freedom of grinding )Abrasive: corundum ( A ), white fused alumina ( WA ), green silicon carbide ( GC ) ( PA ) of various size chrome corundum sand.Abrasive series are widely used in manufacturing Abrasives, sandblasting, polishing.Polishing: emery cloth sandpaper, cloth round, polishing wheel, polishing paste, wire wheels, axle wheel, flower wheel.In all kinds of workpiece for grinding, polishing, rust removing, cleaning.Resin bond : cutting film, polishing films, a variety of grinding wheel.Used in automobiles, ships, machinery, metallurgy, casting and other industries polished welds, burr, burr, grinding surface( to undertake various special-shaped wheel order, adjust inventory )

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