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Beijing Cashmere Wool Company

Company Description

We are a speciallized manufacturer and exporter of Cashmere fabre, cashmere yarn, cashmere sweater, cardigan, pullover, sheep wool waste and lambs wool waste, etc.
1.Cashmere yarn (14NM--80NM)
2.Cashmere and other materials blended yarn (wool, rabbit hair, yak hair, camel hair, mohair, cotton , tencel, modal, rayon, ramie, chemical fiber, etc)
3. Cashmere sweatr(12GG 16GG 7GG 5GG 3GG 18GG,cashmere/silk blended sweater, cashmere/other materials blended sweater, ETC)
4.Cashmere tops
5.Cashmere shawl
6.Cashmere cap
7.cashmere gloves
8.cashmere hat and so on
9.carpet grade raw wool
10.cashmere hand knitting yarn in 2, 4, 6, 8, 12- ply
11.sheep wool waste
12.wool yarn
13.Cashmere Cloth Waste
14.dehaired cashmere fibres,hybird cashmere
15.Cashmere Pullover Vest
16.cashmere cardigan
17.pashmina yarn,kashmir yarn
18.cashmere fabrics
19.camel hair tops,
20.camel hair, degreased camel hair
21.cashmere sweater
22.cashmere tops,
23.dehaired cashmere, dehaired goat wool
24.hybrid cashmere
25.yak wool tops,
26.yak wool, degreased yak wool
27.Pet sweaters
1.Pure cashmere yarns
2.Silk/cashmere blended yarns
3.Woollen yarns
1.Pure cashmere sweaters
2.Silk/cashmere blended sweaters
3.Lambswool sweaters
4.Woollen sweaters
1.Cashmere fabric carding waste
2.Cashmere yarn waste
3.Cashmere carding waste
4.Wool carding waste
Cashmere tops
1.white cashmere tops fibre length:40MM/+ 15.5um
2.brown cashmere tops fibre length:44MM/+ 15.5um
3.light grey cashmere tops fibre length:44MM/+ 16.5um
4.hybrid cashmere tops fibre length:44MM/+

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