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Befact Technologies starts from a design house, and now we manufacture and provide PoE / PoE + total solution. With professional design experiences, we always ask ourselves to provide the best service and products to our clients. Our PoE PD modules are isolated PD module with 1. 5kv isolation. Also, high DC / DC converting efficiency is the main character of Tiny PoE PD module. Befact launches embedded embedded PoE PSE module (high power-PSE-HQD; normal power-PSE-QD) , head end of Power over Ethernet in Sep, 2008. Embedded PSE module provides maximum total power protection (PSE-HQD-160W; PSE-QD-109W) to prevent damage from short circuit or over current condition. They will be safer and higher quality products of any product.
In addition to PoE solutions, we are still good at hardware design.
Below are the main features of our design
Flexible resource allocation
The fast shrinking of product life cycle makes allocating limited internal R& D resource a critical decision in exchange of competitiveness. The most efficient way to satisfy the requirement of a fast-changing market is to integrate external expertise while keeping constant focus on core technology.
Superior development performance
By providing high performance, low budget hardware solution for various fields and multitask platforms based on customer specifications, Befact can shorten development phase to improve development performance.
Integration for solution and design service
The success of a system requires stability, versatile features, and competitive design for future add-on value. Befact owns decades of hardware design experience in industrial engineering and telecommunication. Our design service includes components selection, schedule management, inventory control, PCB circuit layout analysis, EMI solution, plus with well-organized debugging for operation trouble-shooting and verification for PCB production reliability. All design will be based on current trend analysis that not only fully matches market requirement but also has the potential to explore in the new realm.
Hardware design focus
Fully respect requirement of client and we deliver what needs of client.
Reduce debugging period by conscientious and careful design procedures.
Industrial proficiency
Tightly teamwork and well organized.

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