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Bee Hive Climbing

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Bee Hive Climbing is the only Atlantic Canada designer and manufacturing company of indoor rock climbing holds. We are based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We started due to a lack of available local retailers. Without access to local retailers, local climbers were forced to import their holds from other companies. Shipping rates on these orders caused most home climbers to limit their hold options.This is exactly what happened to Bee Hive Climbing's owner Scott Pettie. Scott has been a climber since 2007, supporting his local commercial climbing gym and outdoor climbing groups. In 2011, Scott built a home gym and went looking for holds. After importing holds from other companies and the local retailer, Scott realized he wanted more holds and different shapes. This lead him to research how holds were made. After making a few prototypes it occurred to Scott that this would be an excellent hobby. A few months pass and the hobby became a full time job. Bee Hive Climbing was born in September 2012 from this hobby.Bee Hive Climbing has been supplying holds to local climbing gyms such as Ground Zero Climbing Gym where we test our holds. We are actively working on new shapes and textures which are then tested by the climbing community at Ground Zero Climbing Gym. We are striving to become Atlantic Canada's best choice for indoor climbing holds and equipment. We are proud to be Atlantic Canada's only climbing holds manufacture and support local businesses.

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