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Avtomarket Mining

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We offer to delivery mine technics «Miner». The technics is made at a factory in Russia .1. A dumper mine (Transports 35 tone Engine Deutz BF12L413FW, transmission Clark)2. Loading machine MPD-4 (lifting of loads 9, 2 tone, the engine. Deutz F10L413FW, transmission Clark.***** machine for transportation of explosives ÐТÐÐ-4 (lifting of loads - 4, 5 tons, the engine. Deutz F6L912W, transmission Clark) on the basis of chassis MT-6;4. The machine transport for transportation of passengers ÐТÐÐ-16 (quantity of passengers- 17, on the basis of ÐТ-6)In case of your interest are ready to present the full technical information on offered technics.

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