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Al Nawras Metal & Scrap Trading L.L.C.

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Dear Sir / Madam,

We Al Nawras Metal Scrap Trading LLC Based In UAE Since 2007 & Our Parent Company Al Jenaibi General Trading Company LLC Which Was Established In UAE Since 1993......

We Are One Of The Exclusive Metal Scrap Buyer's, Scrap Dealer's, Scrap Merchant's, Trader's, Yard Owner's, Manufacturer's, Of All Kinds Of Metal Scrap, Ore's (Mineral's) & Scrap Demolition Vessel's In UAE (Dubai) & Globally.

We Have Been In This Metal Scrap Business For More Than 15 YRS.

We Are Not Broker's, Mediator's Or WHAT SO EVER.

We Are Scrap Buyers (Traders, Dealers, Merchants) Of Metal Scrap & We Sale / Purchase & Trade Globally.

We Have Our Own Offices & Yards In UAE & Many Other Countries.

We Do Have Our Own Smelter's In ASIA & AFRICA.

We Deal In All Kinds Of FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS Scrap Metals such as,

1) Copper Scrap.
2) Aluminum Scrap.
3) Brass Scrap.
4) Nickel Scrap.
5) Zinc Scrap.
6) Compressor Scrap.
7) Drained Lead Battery Scrap.
8) Stainless Steel Scrap.
9) Lead Scrap.
10) Transformers Scrap.
11) New / Used Generators or Scrap.
12) Mixed Motors Scrap.
13) Used Engines or Scrap.
14) Radiator Scrap.
15) Used Valves or Scrap.
16) Re-Rolling Scrap Steel.
17) Scrap Vessels. (Demolition Ships, Scrap Barges)
18) Used Heavy Equipment's or Scrap.
19) Used Heavy Machinery or Scrap. (Bulldozer / Shovel / Cranes / Excavators / Trucks / Boom Loader / JCB / Bob Cat)
20) Used Heavy (Buses / Pickups) & Used Light Vehicles (Cars) & scrap.
21) HMS 1 & 2, Heavy Metal Scrap, Industrial Scrap, Marine Scrap.
22) Iron Scrap / Steel Scrap / Metal Scrap / Ferrous Scrap / Scaffolding.
23) Steel Plates / Angles / Channels / H-Beams / I beams / Guarders.
24) Secondary Steel Bars / Iron Rods / Steel Billets / Steel Coils / Hot Roll Coils.
25) Cast Iron Scrap.
26) Used Rails.
27) Used PVC Pipes, Plastics Scrap.
28) Titanium Scrap.
29) Used Marine Equipment's or Scrap. (Anchor / Propeller / Engines)
30) Shredded Scrap.
31) Electronic & Computer Scrap.
32) Iron Ore / Mill Scale.
33) Copper Ore / Concentrate.
34) Copper Ingots / Brass Ingots / Lead Ingots & Aluminum Ingots.
35) Tire Scrap.
36) Talc Stone.

Plse let us know the Quality, Quantity, Origin of Material, Loading Port, Delivery Time, Pics, Price, Payment Terms & Conditions.

Our Discharge Port is Jebel Ali Port Dubai (UAE) Or Buyer Option.

Please Note following our Basic Payment Terms & Conditions:

* 100% Cash.
* NO CASH ADVANCE. (Cash Advance to be given only Depending Upon Situations & Past Performance)
* 100% Cash Payment at Weighing Bridge.
* 100% Payment on Original Bill of Lading.
* 100% Irrevocable Non Transferable Letter Of Credit.


NOTE: Only Serious and Genuine Suppliers / Yard Owners / Traders may contact us with Full Payment Terms & Conditions.

NOTE: The Goods to be Inspected by Our Representative or by an International Inspection Agency before any Payment Commence.


NOTE: If The Seller Wants To Know Our Financial Capability, They Can Visit Our Office & Can Be Shown In Person...

We Would Like to Do Business With Reliable Suppliers / Traders / Manufacturers / Dealers / Merchants / Mine Owners.

So Please Send Us Your Quotation Or Detailed Offer Along With Your Company Profile & If Your Quotation Or Offer Meets Our Desire Criteria, We Will Definitively Do Business With Your Organization....

Thanking You

Adnan Essa
Managing Director

Al Nawras Metal Scrap Trading LLC
Al Saja'a Industrial Area, Plot # 2020
P.O.Box 62013, Sharjah, UAE
Tel:+971 6 744 1116
Fax:+971 6 744 1117
Mob:+971 50 5672322
Skype: al.nawras.metal
Web: www.al-jenaibi.com

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