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Dear Mr. We are certified livestock exporting organization dealing with growth and export of live mutton, frozen/chilled meat of mutton in carcasses from the western regions of Republic of Mongolia. All of our cattle are grown in natural eco-friendly environment free of chemicals and BADS (biologically active dietary supplements) as well as distant from the industrial waste. Our small enterprise has been operating on the local market for more than 6 years and exports its' goods to the CIS countries and Russia. We are currently looking for the opportunities in the Middle East. Our company has extensive ties with large land and air-transportingcompanies. All the shipped goods is undertaken strict veterinary-sanitary control, duly vaccination on the lab facilities in order to prevent the incidence of cattle, by the Mongolian governmental bodies which corresponds to all the requirements of international exports and quality standards with necessary certificates of conformity and veterinary licenses. We are able to provide you:1. Fresh frozen mutton meat carcasses on EXW (Incoterms 2010) conditionsprice - 3.5$ per kgmin. contract order - 2000 M/tDispatch from our plant - 100 M/t per 24 hrs- 5 auto refrigerator * (20 M/t) = 100 M/t- 2 planes * (50 M/t)= 100 M/t- 10 M/t frozen subproducts, 1.5$ per kg2. Live sheep fat-tailed breed (mixed sex) with average weight 30-45 kg, age 2-3 yrs, castrated under 2 months onFCA (Incoterms 2010) conditions:Min. contract order â 50 000 units with 1, 9 $ per kg.Above 50 000 units - 1, 8$ per kg.3. Estimated delivery time and price:Auto refrigerator delivery for meat in pallets â 20 M/tEx. Tehran â 1.5 $/kg, time â 15 days Ukraine â 1$/kg, time â 10 daysPlane â 50 m/tMongolia â Iraq = 6.5$Mongolia â Libya = 7$Mongolia â Turkey = 6$Mongolia â Ukraine = 5$Terms of paymentL/C, T/T, BCL etc.prepayment for air transportation and land transportation by arrangement.Thank you for taking time to consider this message. Should you haveany questions regarding our offer details (price and terms of payment,shipment and delivery to the place of destination) please contact us.*****We are looking forward to hear from you soon

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