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Agati Heathcare Pvt Ltd

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Nutritional Facts of Colostrum of Agati Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Pure natural cattle colostrum of Agati Healthcare Pvt Ltd is manufactured at National dairy institute (NDRI, Karnal) under the supervision of Agati Healthcare Pvt Ltd and Highly competent Scientists of NDRI.
This institute is a pioneer in the dairy product with certified quality assurance systems which are ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system, and HACCP. This laid a solid foundation for the development of our enterprise. Agati Healthcare Pvt Ltd currently has series of products including: colostrums capsules, colostrums powder, and colostrums lactoferrin..
Bovine colostrum powder of Agati Healthcare Pvt ltd is 100%pure is made from colostrum secreted within 48 hours after giving births to young cattle by adopting the low-temperature processing and spray drying method. This can therefore guarantee that the nutrition is protected from being damaged and functional component active element survives in the colostrum. The colostrum is rich in immune globulin, lactic Ferro protein, Lysozyme, growth hormones, immunity factors, praline polypeptide and suchlike active materials. There is no additive is our product.   Agati Healthcare Pvt ltd has developed methods to ensure High concentration of active IgG and also high solubility, in its product.
Agati Healthcare Pvt Ltd, hope to supply customers healthy, delicious and safe products

Product Characteristics
??Totally additive free
??High in nutritive protein and immunoglobulin??
??No antibiotics
??Higher Solubility

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