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Action And Cooperation In Devt (ACOD)

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ACOD is a Hot pepper producer locates in Haiti.In the context of agricultural production ACOD is currently working on a project profitable agroecology. Work on a farm of 15 tiles with crops including crops under test (800 feet yam, banana 200, 2000 m2 of sweet cassava, pineapple stick, etc.) and business-oriented cultures (3 tiles peas congo and 1.5 tile pepper picnic which the seed comes from Saint-Raphael) Construction of a reservoir capacity of 71m3 (18744gallons vicinity) for irrigation 5 careaux ground at least Purchase a gift tank 50m3 capacity of the FAO for the production of legume Acquisition of an irrigation pump 4'' diameter Installing 600 ml pipe thanks to funding ZAFEN Job Creation for more than a hundred laborers 3. perspectives Elapse congo peas and pepper picnic during the month of December Seek funding for: strengthening the irrigation system, the acquisition of equipment for plowing (or tractor hitch), the construction of a center for agricultural marketing with our small traders and speculators, large consumers, etc. Establishment of five tiles crops peppers and 5 tiles pea Congo in 2013 Opening a service of development cooperation actors (local elected representatives, assoication, NGOs, contractor, etc.)

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