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A-Tech System

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Developed itmes- Ion beam source- Arc source- Filtered cathodic vacuum arc system and process - LPCVD for nanotube synthesis- Silica PECVD system- UHV(Ultra High Vacuum) sputtering system- Silica TCP (Transformer Coupled Plasma) etcher- UHV-sputter system for ferromagnetic multilayers- Vacuum arc system for nitrides deposition- In-line system of vacuum arc deposition for protecting PDP electrodes- High vacuum test system for a flat light source evaluation- Multifunctional standard sputtering system for R&D- NPPN(New Post Plasma Nitriding) System - Sputter for polygon mirror applicable to laser printer- Production scale of arc ion plating (AIP) system- Ion beam sputter for precision optics- Production scale of AIP and NPPN systems- Ion plating system for various coloration- Pilot scale of arc discharge equipment for CNT transparent electrode sputter web coater for flexible display research- Sputter system for ophthalmic- Polycrystalline silicon ingot growing equipment - PECVD system for anti-reflective coatings on solar cell- PECVD system for graphene deposition- Al plasma nitriding equipment for mass production with KAITECH- Equipment of carbon nanotube using electrical arc discharge method- Graphene PECVD-PVD Cluster equipment

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